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Noni For Pets

 I have been taking Noni for many years, I also give the Noni to my 2 dogs who are 11 years old, sadly they have now passsed on Shannon @ 13 from bloat and Rocky @ 14 from a spleen tumor, he lived for 19 months with the tumor, I do think the Noni helped because it inhibits tumor growth. If anyone is interested contact me I have the Noni in pill form and can supply you what ever you need.
Dosage for pets is 1 pill sprinkled over your pets food x 2 meals.
Noni for pets with cancer 2+ pillls with each meal.

Benefits of Noni

The Hawaiians used Noni for diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, kidney, and bladder disorders. It has been reported to be used for more serious ailments and now seems to be the latest remedy.

The plant is used as a poultice, which is applied to sores, cuts, and boils (similar to the use of magnesium sulfate).

The Hawaiians also used the Noni leaves for diarrhea, menstrual problems, and fever. In the Caribbean, the leaves are steamed and applied topically for aches, pains, and tendentious.

The fruit is also mashed and consumed for ulcers.


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